When Jews are in need, we answer the call.

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews go to bed hungry every night, homebound in dilapidated apartments. And tens of thousands of Jewish families struggle to make ends meet and secure a future for their children. We bring life-saving relief to Jews living in dire conditions in places where nearly no other social services exist.

Our mission is simple: care for the most vulnerable, develop innovative ways to fight poverty, and partner with the Jews we serve throughout the world, from Budapest to Birobidzhan and Buenos Aires to Mumbai. In the former Soviet Union, the network of Hesed social welfare centers we founded catalyzes the spirit of strength and resilience that has defined the Jewish people for centuries.


Caring for the Elderly

Many, often homebound, require extensive medical care and help purchasing food, utilities, and other basic needs.

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Helping Families

Families in need count on our support to secure a fair shot at a better future.

Meet the Bekker Family

Winter Relief

In the coldest months, we provide firewood, charcoal, warm blankets, winter boots, and more.

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Crisis in Ukraine

Since the conflict broke out, thousands of Jews have fled eastern Ukraine. We help them build new lives.

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How It's Done

Our Team

Many of our staff were once in need themselves. That's why they're so passionate about paying it forward.

Hesed Network

Social welfare centers in 15 countries across nine time zones work tirelessly, delivering aid to the neediest Jews.


We offer a hand up, not a hand out. Our families are not clients, but active participants in transforming their own lives.


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews partners with us to deliver critical assistance to the most vulnerable elderly through the IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline.

What You Can Do

With your help, we're building a world where every Jew, whether they're in Havana or Siberia, knows that the global Jewish community has their back. Your gift is so much more than money — it's food, homecare, warmth, health, and hope.

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