When disaster strikes, we’re there.

An earthquake. A tsunami. A civil war. A public health crisis. The lives of millions annually are irrevocably altered in an instant when natural disasters or other calamities strike. We leverage more than a century of experience helping Jewish communities to provide expert, immediate humanitarian aid for communities in crisis around the world.

From Haiti to Nepal and from Ecuador to the Philippines, we're on the ground when disaster strikes, working with communities to not just rebuild but truly recover — crafting innovative, sustainable solutions to help ensure that the towns and cities hit hardest bounce back stronger than ever before.



We’re working with women from vulnerable rural areas, catalyzing their recovery from a devastating earthquake.

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After a brutal typhoon, we’re helping fishermen and educators restore livelihoods and rebuild communities.

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When disaster struck, JDC rebuilt schools and made sure communities had basic necessities and critical medical supplies.

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Women's Health

In countries where breast cancer remains a stigma, JDC empowers women battling the disease.

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How It's Done

Leveraging Expertise

We know disaster relief — so when new calamities strike, we can share proven solutions in real time.

Our Team

Humanitarian innovators like JDC Medical Director Dr. Rick Hodes help us get the job done.


JDC allocates 75 percent of all funds raised for sustainable rebuilding efforts, ensuring that there’s a real path forward for communities in crisis.


Years of working with local, international, and Israeli partners help us respond immediately — no matter the disaster.

What You Can Do

We believe all communities should be equipped with the resources they need to recover from the unexpected. When you partner with us, you ensure we can act nimbly to deliver food, medicine, potable water, and more when disaster strikes.

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