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On Visit to the Field, Challenging Easy Assumptions

“In late June and early July, I spent a week in Tbilisi and a handful of other Georgian cities. Embedded on a JDC Entwine service trip for young professionals, I crisscrossed this country of about 5 million people – and …

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From the CEO: In Europe, JDC Prepares for the Future

The cities of Lisbon and Madrid are separated by about 300 miles, a distance similar to New York and Boston or New York and Washington, DC.

Yet despite their relative proximity, the leaders of their respective Jewish communities had never …

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How a Small Initiative Became a Lifeline for Refugees

I’m walking around Belgrade, it’s the summer of 2016, and a global humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding before my eyes.

You cannot get more central than Belgrade, the capital of Serbia – at the very heart of Europe — where the …

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Care For Seniors

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About Us

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In Changing Europe, Focusing On the Next Generation

For Natalia Assa, a young Bulgarian Jew living in Austria, the decision to attend the OpportUNITY conference was easy — she trusts JDC.

“JDC gets people to know, inspire, and network with each other,” said Assa, who is involved with …

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For Hungary_Ñés Jews, an _ÑÒOpen Door_ѝ

Selfies with the rabbi. A bounce castle. An open-air Jewish market.

These were just a few of the dozens of activities on the docket at the Balint JCC in Budapest, Hungary’s annual Open Doors Festival — a chance for the …

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Building a Jewish Future: Camp Szarvas

Wiktoria Jachym, 16, is a proud participant of many Jewish programs in her hometown of Krakow, Poland — Sunday school, community celebrations, the city’s innovative 7@Nite Festival, and more.

But the high school student’s favorite Jewish program by far is …

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Investing in the Balkans: Bringing Together Europe_Ñés Emerging Leaders

JDC’s Gesher is not your average networking event or professional development conference.

For the emerging young leaders of the tiny Jewish communities of the Balkans, it’s a lifeline — a reminder that there’s a big Jewish world out there waiting …

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For Family at Tipping Point, A Safety Net_ÑÓand Hope

For the past two years, the Minevas’ downward spiral has mirrored Bulgaria’s economic decline—and now both have reached a critical tipping point.

Mihaela, 40, proud mom of 15-year-old Monica, never imagined her family would plunge into poverty. In 2010, Mihaela’s …

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