A Moment with JDC CEO Steven Schwager

In his capacity as JDC executive vice president and CEO, Schwager travels extensively to such diverse locations as Australia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia, and Ukraine—a sure reflection of the scope and reach of JDC programs assisting Jews and others in need around the world. He’s logged so much flight time on behalf of JDC, in fact, that Schwager was recently inducted into the “million miles club” of an airline he frequently travels with.

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Tae Kwon Do for Haiti

The situation in Haiti has certainly unleashed heartwarming generosity across all spectrums of age, income, and faith. There’s no question that it has set their creativity soaring, as well—especially when it come to raising money. Check out this article from The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio about unusual, but heartfelt, student-driven charity. Matthew Rodier, a seventh-grader at Columbus Torah Academy and a black belt in tae kwon do, brainstormed a martial arts exhibition to raise funds for Haiti relief.

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