JDC Fellows Commemorate Yom Hashoah

As communities the world over commemorate the Holocaust, JDC’s 21 Jewish Service Corps (JSC) fellows—currently serving in year-long volunteer positions in Belarus, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Israel, Rwanda, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine—connected in Jerusalem for a week-long seminar to share their overseas experiences. This morning, following a poignant period of silence outside JDC’s Jerusalem office, the fellows memorialized the 6 million murdered Jews by gathering on the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University to recite kaddish and participate in a peer-led discussion on JDC’s renewal work in communities with dark histories.

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Celebrating Women Worldwide

It’s not every day women are celebrated for their contributions around the globe—but it is at least once a year. International Women’s Day, celebrated today and every 8th of March since 1911, is the perfect opportunity to showcase JDC’s Eshet Chayil program, one of dozens of JDC projects empowering women worldwide. First piloted in Israel in 1994 and currently part of JDC’s cutting-edge TEVET employment initiative with the Government of Israel, Eshet Chayil orients immigrant women from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, and beyond to the Israeli workplace, helps them acquire job readiness, and teaches them to harness the power of networking to successfully enter—and advance in—the working world. Happy International Women’s Day!

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