Power in Partners

As reports are coming in “hot off the blackberries” of JDC representatives on the ground in Haiti, we here in NY headquarters are learning that there is an almost instant connection and sense of camaraderie among the aid groups working in Port-au-Prince and the outlying areas. This is encouraging, since a united front will be a key to success in the impending rebuilding efforts of the weeks, months, and years ahead. Shortly after the earthquake hit, we were able to connect two of our field partners, the Israel Defense Forces’ Medical Corps and Heart to Heart International—a move that benefited many quake victims, especially babies. Watch this video to learn more about the collaboration.

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Beyond Haiti’s Capital

JDC partner Heart to Heart International was the first relief group to arrive at Fondwa, Haiti, the epicenter of the most recent 6.0 magnitude quake. Our partner’s “extreme teams,” small groups consisting of two doctors, a nurse, and two operations personnel are bringing medical assistance to those suffering in outlying areas. Indeed, Heart to Heart is one of the few relief agencies venturing outside the capital to remote communities that, to date, are not seeing any other kind of assistance.

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