Now Boarding Flight JDC

Now Boarding Flight JDC

Baruchim Habayim! Bienvenida! Wilkomem! Swaagatam! Добро пожаловать!—welcome to JDC’s blog!

Whether you’re a long time supporter or have only recently heard of us, here is what you need to know about JDC: in more than 70 countries, in countless languages, JDC feeds the poor, aids the sick, rescues and supports those in crisis, and rekindles Jewish life around the globe. And we have been in this business for 95 years.

So what exactly does that mean to you? First, this means that sometime, somewhere, someone you know—or are related to—was helped by JDC.

Secondly, by connecting with JDC through this blog you can learn firsthand about JDC projects, upcoming events, and special reports from JDC staff members in the field.

In the former Soviet Union, in Israel, in parts of Africa and Asia, in Central and Eastern Europe, and in remote regions around the world, Jews and non-Jews in need, suffering poverty, disease, isolation, as well as natural and man-made disaster, rely on JDC as their only support.

So join us as we help them, find out more about what we do, and check back often to see that, even today, we are transforming words of action into deeds that save lives.