In response to the devastating cyclone that hit Mozambique on March 14, 2019, leveling cities and transforming the region into what a UN official has called "an inland ocean," JDC is coordinating with our local partners to provide immediate aid and assess emergent needs.

Right now, your donation can bring critical, life-saving relief to Mozambique's disaster-stricken communities.

From Indonesia to Nepal, from the Philippines to India, we're on the ground when disaster strikes, working with communities to not just recover but truly rebuild — crafting innovative, sustainable solutions to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the hardest-hit towns and cities come back stronger than ever.

Donate now to support emergency rescue and relief efforts and emergency aid.

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When you give to JDC’s Disaster Response efforts, you ensure we can continue responding to urgent crises across the globe. Your contribution will be used to address the most critical situations, wherever they are.

As the on-the-ground needs change day to day, your support guarantees we’ll be able to respond in the ways that matter most to the recovery of those in greatest need.