Supporting Israel’s most vulnerable is in our DNA.

From the moment JDC was born in 1914 — when our founding cablegram secured help for starving Jews in Ottoman-era Palestine — we’ve been there for all Israelis. Today, we’re continuing to improve the lives of Israel’s poor and elderly, at-risk youth, people with disabilities, and Haredi and Israeli Arab communities through innovative initiatives that move the needle on the nation’s most complex social challenges.

We believe that impacting all Israelis means both transforming individual lives and changing the systems around them. We do this by bringing all of our partners together — the Government of Israel, municipal leaders, the business and philanthropic sectors, and NGOs — to create research-backed, scalable solutions that draw on the entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that made the desert bloom.

And our impact is global. The problems we solve — and the lives we touch — go beyond any one neighborhood or village: Our proven social innovations are exported worldwide, lifting lives from the U.S. to Ukraine and Ethiopia to Japan.

This isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are and who we’ve been for more than a century.


Israelis benefit each week from services developed by JDC

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JDC in Israel: Moving the Needle on the Nation’s Most Complex Social Challenges

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Optimal Aging

Israel’s rapidly growing older-adult population means an increased demand for social services. That’s why JDC is cultivating financial resilience, physical health, and a sense of belonging among older adults. Through care and rehabilitation facilities, employment opportunities for those working later in life, and education for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we’re guaranteeing Israel’s older adults can live with dignity.

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