Israel’s future demands that we move the needle on the nation’s most complex social challenges. That’s why JDC works tirelessly to break cycles of poverty among the most vulnerable, improve the wellbeing and resilience of older adults, foster inclusion and independent living for people with disabilities, and provide access to opportunity for all.

At JDC, we drive systemic change by bringing together all of our partners—the Government of Israel, municipal leaders, the business sector, and NGOs—to create research-backed, scalable solutions that draw on the entrepreneurial, can-do spirit that made the desert bloom.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, this meant working with our longstanding partners to quickly adapt our work for the nation’s most vulnerable to meet the challenges of the new pandemic reality. JDC reached tens of thousands of people across Israel in just the first few months of the pandemic alone, delivering humanitarian aid and services, distributing vital health and safety information to isolated citizens, and deploying professionals and volunteers, in person and remotely, to aid their neighbors.

The problems we solve—and our impact—go beyond any one neighborhood or village: We have decades of experience improving the country’s public and social services for the betterment of all citizens. And our proven social innovations are even exported globally, lifting lives from the U.S. to Ukraine and Ethiopia to Japan.

Israel’s future won’t be stable unless we bridge the gap between the Startup Nation’s economic miracle and those being left behind. That’s why JDC ensures that as Israel prospers, all Israelis share in its success.

We unlock human capital for the startup nation because every Israeli should have the chance to succeed.


Israelis benefit each week from services developed by JDC

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Improving Quality of Life for the Elderly

With a rapidly growing older adult population in Israel, and in particular older adults with functional decline, the increased demand for social services is a growing concern. That’s why JDC is working to improve the financial resilience, physical health, and sense of belonging among low-and-middle-income older adults through care and rehabilitation facilities, employment centers for those working later in life, and education and programming for maintaining healthy lifestyles.

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Training Israel’s Workers to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

The pandemic has posed major challenges to vulnerable Israelis. But JDC continues to support them through programs like “Skill Up” and the Yated network.

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