Our priority is to help Jewish communities live safely where they choose, whether it’s Caracas, Kyiv, or Casablanca. But when things get tough, Jewish communities around the world know they can count on us most — because we are there and we’re part of them. We have the reach, the relationships, and the resources to act. Out of a deep commitment to save Jewish lives, we’ve launched numerous daring operations into crisis zones since our founding in World War I to do just that.

And when there are threats to Jews or Jewish life today, we’re there with boots on the ground and expertise to be a lifeline or take them out of harm’s way. For more than a century, we have been the Global Jewish 9-1-1. And we will continue to be there at a moment’s notice, because our future needs us now.

We rescue Jews in danger, whatever the crisis and wherever we are needed.


Jewish people rescued by JDC and its partners since its founding in 1914

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A Century of Rescue

From its founding in 1914, rescue has been JDC’s foremost mission. JDC has rescued and/or aided refugees—from Nazi Europe in the 1930s and 1940s; Yemen in the late 1940s; Hungary in the mid-1950s; Ethiopia and the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s; and elsewhere around the world. JDC provided vital services including food, clothing, medication, shelter, and emigration assistance to those on their way to a new home.


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