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Ukraine’s Jews still need your help

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Your bar or bat mitzvah is a lifechanging moment. Decide to change the lives of Jewish people across the world, too.



JDC helps people in 70 countries build Jewish community, overcome poverty, disabilities, and loneliness, and rebound from disasters. Find the work that speaks to you.

COVID-19 has devastated Jewish communities all across the world, and you can make a difference; reach out to My JDC Mitzvah Project to find out how. Make the most of your bar or bat mitzvah. Contact us today.

Emergency Response

In these difficult times, JDC is saving Jewish lives, building Jewish community, and living Jewish values. The global pandemic has created new challenges for communities around the world. Click here to learn more about how you can make a difference in the global Jewish community and beyond.

Support The Jewish World

Fostering Jewish Life

Across Europe and the former Soviet Union (FSU), in a region where Jewish life is miraculously rebounding after decades where it was forbidden, COVID-19 has isolated people from their communities and loved ones. But cultural programs continue to hold Jewish life together, even online. Exciting initiatives, like online art classes and remote Shabbat services, allow people to socialize, strike new friendships, and develop a meaningful connection to Judaism.

Support Camp Szarvas

Enhancing Life for Israelis with Disabilities

Nearly 800,000 Israelis live with a disability, and the pandemic has isolated them even more than they were before. Before COVID-19, programs like Israel Unlimited and Friends for Healthy Living brought people with disabilities together for in-person workshops, sports, and friendship. Now, through virtual programming and guidance, we continue to give them the community, confidence, and skills to thrive.

Support Israelis With Disabilities

Saving Elderly Jewish Lives

In countries like Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, nearly 100,000 elderly Jews live alone, struggling to survive on as little as $2/day. The COVID-19 pandemic has made them even more isolated and lonely. They are the world’s poorest Jews and they need our help.

Support Elderly Jews

Reviving Jewish Life in Cuba

Community is more important than it’s ever been. Today, Cuba’s Jews are committed to their Judaism and their community, dedicating themselves to building Jewish life even under the most difficult circumstances. Against the odds and amidst pandemic, the Jewish community is reawakening, and its members are hungry for Jewish knowledge and connection. They have found creative ways to connect despite not being able to physically gather.

Support Jewish Life In Cuba

Eradicating Diseases in Ethiopia

COVID-19 has unleashed a public health crisis throughout the developing world. In Ethiopia, JDC’s WASH program transforms villages by giving them the education and resources to protect themselves from this virus, as well as other diseases and parasites.

Support Clean Water Projects In Ethiopia

Cultivating a Strong Jewish Future

After decades where Jewish life was banned in the former Soviet Union (FSU), it is a true miracle to see a younger generation connection to Jewish life and community. COVID-19 hasn’t stopped these young Jews. With virtual programming and volunteer activities which are crucial to their communities JDC continues to bring young Jews together for service, learning, and leadership training.

Support Jewish Literacy

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Mazel tov on your Bar or Bat Mitzvah! On your big day, thank everyone for being a part of your JDC Mitzvah Project – and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

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