When natural disasters or other calamities strike, we are the Jewish hands who help communities of all backgrounds and faiths rebuild. We’re on the ground from the very beginning, and we stay long after it’s over to make sure those communities get back on their feet. We also bring our expertise to slow-moving crises, like endemic poverty, food insecurity, lack of access to healthcare, and the plight of refugees.

We know the importance of promoting resilience and rebuilding the community — not just the roads. That’s why we’re committed to helping people chart a new future, rebuild a sustainable local economy, and prepare to weather the next storm or crisis.

We do this by deploying the best of Jewish humanitarian interventions and philanthropy; Israeli tech innovation; expertise in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; and partnerships with Jewish communities from South Africa to Morocco on social action initiatives that are lifting lives every day.

We lead a Jewish response to global humanitarian needs, doing our part to make the world a better place for all humanity.


countries where JDC has responded to a natural disaster or other crisis

Our Work in Action

JDC Disaster Response: Turkey Earthquake

Morocco Earthquake Update: Mike Attinson (Sept. 12, 2023)

Morocco Earthquake Update: Israel Sabag (Sept. 12, 2023)

Disaster Relief

From Turkey to Nepal, Haiti to Morocco, we’re on the ground when disaster strikes, working with communities to not just recover but truly rebuild and come back stronger than before. That’s why we lead innovative, sustainable solutions, and develop local capacity to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the hardest-hit towns and cities are better prepared to mitigate future emergencies. We leverage a century of rescue and relief experience to launch an effective response in places like Ethiopia, Chad, and India, and throughout the Ukraine crisis, where we’ve delivered life-saving aid and medical care and equipment to those impacted by the conflict.

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