• We Provide Aid to Vulnerable Jews

    Tens of thousands of elderly Jews and families around the world live in dire poverty.

    We ensure they never have to choose between essentials like food and medicine, as well as provide something invaluable — the assurance that they are not forgotten.

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  • We Cultivate a Jewish Future

    We believe the Jewish part of Jewish life is worth fighting for.

    That’s why we work hand-in-hand with communities around the world, empowering them to realize their own dreams and care for their most vulnerable.

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  • We create opportunity for all Israelis

    Israel’s future demands that we address the nation’s most complex social challenges.

    We break cycles of poverty among the most vulnerable, foster inclusion and independence for the elderly and people with disabilities, and provide access to opportunity for all.

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  • We Rescue Jews In Danger

    Jews around the world still face threats.

    While our priority is to help Jewish communities live safely where they choose, when those threats endanger Jewish lives or Jewish life, we’re the 9-1-1 of the Jewish people.

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  • We Lead the Jewish Response to Global Crises

    When natural disasters or other calamities strike, we are the Jewish hands who help.

    We’re on the ground when disaster hits, and we stay long after it’s over to make sure those communities get back on their feet.

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