Tens of thousands of elderly Jews and families around the world live in dire poverty. We ensure that they never have to choose between essentials like food and medicine, and make certain they know they are not forgotten and are part of a global community that will always have their back.

Elder care is a cornerstone of this work, and we provide life-saving aid to over 80,000 elderly Jewish people in the former Soviet Union. Many are Holocaust survivors and had long careers as doctors, teachers, or engineers. Now they struggle to survive on pensions as low as $2 per day. They are the poorest Jews in the world, most without family or government support.

Each day, we guarantee that these vulnerable Jews have crucial aid, including homecare for the neediest elderly. And we ensure they have the priceless hallmarks of community life — traditions and companionship — that allow them to do more than just survive, but live with dignity, joy, and hope.

In the wake of COVID-19, JDC also works with Jewish communities from Latin America to North Africa to support thousands of new Jewish poor around the world who did not previously require community welfare support but were hit hard by the pandemic’s economic impact.

Without the fundamental elements of survival, people cannot live a dignified life. That’s why we do what we do.

And it’s why we leave no one behind.

We provide aid to vulnerable Jews, because Jews in many parts of the world go hungry, lack medicine, and are missing other critical resources they need to live dignified lives.


hours of homecare for the most at-risk and isolated elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union

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Care for the Elderly

Compassionate, dignified care for lonely and isolated elderly Jews is a hallmark of JDC’s work across the former Soviet Union (FSU), but also in Central Europe, Morocco, India, and beyond. In the former Soviet Union, we provide this support primarily through a network of Hesed social welfare centers. Over 80,000 elderly clients, many of them Holocaust survivors, receive life-saving food, medical, and social support. And we deliver tens of millions of home healthcare hours across the FSU each year to help the most vulnerable seniors with cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and other essential services they need to live with dignity.

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