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JDC has a big, bold vision for the future: Jewish values being put into action when the world needs them most. And we want you to be a part of the action! From joining our social community to attending an exciting event to traveling overseas, you can choose how you’d like to experience JDC’s work around the world.


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Whether it’s a Chanukah party in Budapest, a training for farmers in Ethiopia, or a historical lecture at a New York City museum, there’s always something amazing happening in the JDC world. See it for yourself on a mission, or hear from one of our experts at a special event.

JDC Missions & Events

  • Jeff Edelstein


    The JDC Archives Names Index as a Window to JDC’s History


    August 19, 2020


    2:00-3:30 PM EDT

  • Lior Sternfeld


    Studying the Middle East through the Prism of the Jewish Communities


    August 31, 2020


    12:00-13:30 PM EDT

  • JDC Entwine’s Virtual Meeting Place for Young Adults

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Insider Trips with JDC Entwine

Entwine Insider Trips provide unparalleled cultural immersion and global exchange, complemented by dynamic conversations around the value of global Jewish responsibility. Whether salsa dancing at a synagogue in Havana, sharing tea with a babushka in Odessa, or exploring the souk in Marrakesh, discover  the Jewish world like you’ve never seen it before.


Liudmila: Kiev's Queen of Chess

In 1960, Liudmila was the top chess player in Ukraine and a member of the Soviet Union’s national team. But life has been cruel to Liudmila. She was born in evacuation, 1,500 kilometers from Kiev, in a Russian city where her family had fled to escape the Nazis. And though she worked in a factory for decades, the collapse of the Soviet Union left her with a pension of less than $2/day.

Liudmila worked hard her whole life, only to end up alone in poverty. Now it’s up to us to help her.

Farming from the Heart: Mudin's Story
Proud and Not Afraid: Alla's Story
Love and Independence: Lior and Lotem's Story
"We're Surviving, and We Will Not Stop": Jewish Life in Warsaw
Inna: One Miracle Worker's Story


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Create an online campaign dedicated to your bar or bat mitzvah and supporting a specific area of JDC’s global work, like eradicating disease in Ethiopia or helping Israelis with disabilities. Share your customizable page with your friends and family to spread the word, raise money, and use your celebration to change the world.

JDC’s Major Gifts program aims to be a transformative experience in philanthropy. Join exclusive JDC missions, calls, briefings, and Global Symposia for timely, firsthand insight into some of the most innovative approaches to combating poverty and building resilient and robust communities in Israel and around the world.