Treating Trauma and Building Resilience in Israel’s Youngest Children

83% of Israeli children are showing pronounced distress since October 7th.

Tens of thousands of very young children, under the age of six, experienced unimaginable horrors since the start of the war. Children from the South barely escaped massacres. Evacuee children are far away from everything familiar to them. Children from the North are exposed to daily rocket fire and sirens.

Very young Israeli children of all backgrounds are living with profound behavioral changes: sleeplessness, loss of appetite, increased crying, temper tantrums, restlessness, and jumpiness. They need trauma treatment to reduce their suffering, prevent future PTSD, and ensure healthy development.

What We’ve Done Since October 7th

JDC deployed emergency services addressing the needs of Israel’s traumatized young children and training their parents and teachers to do the same.

These interventions have reached nearly 13,000 of the most severely impacted children, their parents, and teachers as of April 2024. Interventions include:

  • Setting up and equipping 200 daycare centers in evacuee hotels
  • Providing the evidence-based Hibuki doll trauma therapy to children in extreme need.
  • Developing and implementing an innovative new system of play-based, creative trauma therapies tailored to the needs of kindergarten children

Getting Evacuees, Reservists, and Newly Disabled Back to Work

Protecting Israel’s Elderly in Wartime

Strengthening and Revitalizing Israel’s Frontline Cities

Addressing a National Mental Health Crisis

Our Impact in Numbers

helped by JDC-developed programs each week
Here are some highlights of our ongoing emergency response working with displaced and frontline Israelis
elderly or people with disabilities provided emergency aid and support services
*As of March 2024

Israel Emergency: Voices from the Field

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