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Join upcoming virtual briefings with global speakers on Imagine MORE themes.

Tuesday, January 28 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM (EST)

Briefing from the Field: Europe

With Miriam Camerini & Lela Sadikario

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Tuesday, March 3 | 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM (EST)

Briefing from the Field: India

With Mirai Chatterjee & Avital Sandler-Loeff

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Global Opportunities

Explore the world as you’ve never seen it before – alongside a group of inspiring women from across North America and Israel.

Sunday, April 19 – Friday, April 24, 2020

JDC Board Study Tour to Mexico

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Thursday, November 12, 2020 – Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Women’s Expedition to Israel

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Join Imagine More Parlor events to be held in 2020 across USA. Watch this space for more updates in the coming weeks.

Join a local book club in your community that will explore Imagine MORE’s themes. Book clubs will launch in 2020 in various cities, pending interest.

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Imagine MORE, JDC’s Global Women’s Summit held on Sept. 18, 2019 in New York City, raised awareness for 400 individuals who attended from 25 states and five countries and learned about women’s health, leadership, economic empowerment, resilience and other issues in communities throughout the world, and the need for support and investment in these arenas.

Participant delegations attended from over fifteen communities from across the United States (including significant delegations from Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, New Haven, MetroWest New Jersey, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, Westchester County New York, and West Palm Beach) and a few attendees from international locations like Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires. National Women’s Philanthropy of JFNA also organized a large delegation that included dedicated staff and key national lay leadership. 

Ten from the dozen featured speakers promoted an understanding of JDC’s advancement of women’s issues, through their own direct connection with JDC.

Two keynote speakers framed the program and discussed the broader women’s health and rights field: Dr. Paula A. Johnson, President of Wellesley College and Amanda Nguyen, Founder and CEO of RISE, and 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Additionally, Lisa Eisen, President, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, shared a powerful global message about achieving gender equality and the responsibility of individuals and organizations in this universal cause. For more information about these efforts, please visit the Safety Respect Equity (SRE) Coalition website.

2019 Event Highlights

Event Reviews

“The speakers, the energy, the audience, the staff. It was simply beyond wildest and best expectations!”

“I left this conference feeling inspired, empowered and hopeful. It made me want to do more personally.”

“The speakers were excellent and inspiring. It was great that the speakers were from different parts of the world with different perspectives. A terrific program. and extremely well-run. Congratulations!”

“It's hard to pick just one highlight. Professor Deborah Lipstadt was excellent, the videos were very moving, as were the personal accounts of the other speakers, such as the director of "Think Pink".”

“It was very effective that the first speaker was older and gave perspective on how things used to be for women, and the last speaker was young, 30, and able to accomplish so much that wouldn't have been possible in an earlier era.”

“Thank you! It was an excellent program.... so well planned and implemented. I enjoyed every minute and each and every speaker. And the food 🙂 And believe me, I’ve been to a lot of conferences and organization luncheons!!!”

“It was INCREDIBLE! A perfect 10”

“What a profound honor it was to join all of you for such an exceptional program. The passion that went into planning, as well as the incredible words of each speaker deeply inspired us to share our voices.”

2019 Speakers

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Speaker Amanda Nguyen
Amanda Nguyen

CEO and Founder, Rise

Speaker Paula A. Johnson
Paula A. Johnson

President, Wellesley College

Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt
Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt

Dorot professor of Holocaust Studies at Emory University

Speaker Eleonor Faur
Eleonor Faur

CEO and Founder, Rise

Speaker Eva Stupka
Eva Stupka

Active Jewish Teens (AJT)

Speaker Laurie Akers
Laurie Akers

Cantorial Soloist and Host and Star of Jewish Rock Radio

Speaker Mandie Winston
Mandie Winston

Executive Director, JDC GRID

Speaker Michal Frank
Michal Frank

CEO and Founder, Rise

Speaker Mirai Chatterjee
Mirai Chatterjee

Chairperson, SEWA Cooperative Federation, India

Speaker Nela Hasic
Nela Hasic

Regional Director NGO “Think Pink”

Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl
Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl

Senior Rabbi of Central Synagogue in New York City

Dr. Sigal Shelach
Dr. Sigal Shelach

CEO, JDC-Israel

Speaker Suzan Hassan-Daher
Suzan Hassan-Daher

Director of Programs for Arabs and Career Advancement, JDC-TEVET

Speaker Tzipi Zipper
Tzipi Zipper

Legal Research Assistant, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya


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