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We don’t just place our faith in a better tomorrow — we build it.

For over 100 years, JDC has put the timeless Jewish value of collective responsibility into action when the world needs it most. Today, JDC lifts lives and strengthens communities in 70 countries: We rescue Jews in danger, provide aid to vulnerable Jews, develop innovative solutions to Israel’s most complex social challenges, cultivate a Jewish future, and lead the Jewish community’s response to crisis.

22+ Million Hours of Home Health Care

of home health care were provided to vulnerable Jews living in desperate conditions in the last year.

245,000 Lives Touched

in Israel over the course of a single year through innovative social programs that are transforming the fabric of Israeli life.

25,000+ Camp Szarvas Alumni

are the vanguard for a bright Jewish future in Europe and beyond.

110,000+ Impoverished Jews

across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America receive life-saving aid from JDC in a single year.

We Provide Aid to
Vulnerable Jews

Tens of thousands of elderly Jews and families around the world live in dire poverty. We ensure they never have to choose between essentials like food and medicine, as well as provide something invaluable — the knowledge that they are not forgotten, but remain part of a global Jewish community that will always have their back.

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Join the Largest Jewish Humanitarian Relief Effort since WWII

We Cultivate
a Jewish Future

We believe the Jewish part of Jewish life is worth fighting for. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with communities around the world, empowering them to realize their own dreams and care for their most vulnerable. Together, we build new generations of leaders capable of taking on tomorrow’s challenges and shaping the future of Jewish life.

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Active Jewish Teens: The Next Generation of Jewish Leaders

The Transformative Power of Volunteering

Travel. Volunteer. Take Action.

We Unlock
Human Capital
for the Startup Nation

Israel's future demands that we address the nation's most complex social challenges. At JDC, we break cycles of poverty among the most vulnerable, foster inclusion and independence for the elderly and people with disabilities, and provide access to opportunity for all. To drive that change, we bring together all our partners — the Government of Israel, the business sector, and NGOs — to create solutions that draw on the same can-do spirit that made the desert bloom.

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We Rescue
Jews in Danger

Jews around the world still face threats – anti-Semitism, violence, and social and economic upheaval. While our priority is to help Jewish communities live safely where they choose, when those threats endanger Jewish lives or Jewish life, we’re the 9-1-1 of the Jewish people. We’re there with the boots on the ground and know-how to take them out of harm’s way. And we will continue to be there at a moment’s notice, wherever we are needed.

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Convoy from Sarajevo: Scenes from JDC’s historic 1992 Rescue Mission

We Lead the
Jewish Response to
Global Crises

When natural disasters or other calamities strike, we are the Jewish hands who help communities of all backgrounds and faiths rebuild. We're on the ground when disaster hits, and we stay long after it's over to make sure those communities get back on their feet. We also bring our expertise to slow-moving crises, like endemic poverty, food insecurity, and the plight of refugees, because repairing the world means taking action when we see people in need.

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Where We Work

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