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In just a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has upended life all over the world and put millions at risk. At the same time, it has reminded us just how interconnected our lives are. That’s why this year we’ve launched Operation Passover. In the spirit of Passover, join us in taking action to help the most vulnerable among us, wherever they are, at a time when they are more vulnerable than ever. Then, celebrate the diversity of our global community by bringing a world of traditions to your Seder table (virtual or otherwise) with ReOrdered, the Global Passover Toolkit created by Entwine, JDC’s young adult initiative.

For over a century, JDC has put Jewish values into action, delivering life-saving necessities and strengthening Jewish communities around the world. Right now, that work is more vital — and more challenging — than ever.

Uncertain times are a test of the bonds that unite us, even across oceans. They require action rooted in compassion and community. When you support Operation Passover, you are ensuring that all Jews have someone looking out for them, no matter what they face.

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The JDC Entwine ReOrdered
Global Passover Toolkit

This year’s Passover is shaping up to look very different than those of years past, so why not make the most of it? We can celebrate the global Jewish community, in all its diversity. The ReOrdered Global Passover Toolkit, created by JDC Entwine, helps you bring customs, recipes and more from eight communities — including India, Greece, and Ethiopia — to your virtual Seder table:

Community Cards

Learn about Jewish life in eight communities all over the globe, and how JDC has lifted lives and strengthened community bonds in each one.


Host Guide

“Seder” is Hebrew for “Order,” and the ReOrdered Host Guide will help you figure out the perfect way to introduce a world of traditions to your Seder.


Recipe Book

Spice up your Seder menu with recipes that will take you from appetizer to dessert — and from Argentina to Morocco. 


Download the Entire Toolkit

A world of traditions in one convenient package.


We’re one global community.

At this critical moment, the most vulnerable among us are more vulnerable than ever — isolated and at-risk. This Passover, show them they’re not alone.

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