In time for the Jewish New Year on September 4th, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has released its Global Kitchen Facebook App offering Rosh Hashanah recipes from around the world accompanied by a set of do-it-yourself cooking videos. The recipes were collected through JDC’s Facebook network. You can download the recipes, watch the videos, and share this package by visiting the Global Kitchen App at .

‘By utilizing Facebook and other social media platforms, we’ve been able to robustly engage our global Jewish audience in our rich holiday traditions. Today’s globalized technology not only connects people to each other, but lets them directly discover and share new aspects of our shared heritage across the broad spectrum of Jewish life,’ said Graham Cannon, JDC’s Chief Marketing Officer.

This year’s featured dishes include lekach, a spiced honey cake from the British Isles; a traditional kugel from Eastern Europe; and matoke, a sweet plantain-based stew from Africa. Previous JDC Global Rosh Hashanah recipes — from a Hungarian Plum Tzimmes to a Indian Cornflour-Coconut Halva — can be found at .

Around the world at Rosh Hashanah time, JDC provides holiday aid and free or subsidized programming to needy Jews and Jewish communities. From holiday food packages and cash stipends, to home visits by young people to elderly homebound Jews and a festive annual Rosh Hashanah street fair, JDC ensures all community members can celebrate the New Year with joy.