Buy a meal for a needy Jewish family in the former Soviet Union, send a Jewish child to summer camp in Europe, or build a well in Africa — this Chanukah, at the JDC GiftMarket, you can give a present that will change lives. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has launched, in time for the holiday season, a new online gift store that, for the first time, engages donors in the direct impact of their gift. ‘Donors are increasingly identifying and contributing to the needs they want to support and have more control over their giving than ever before,’ said Graham Cannon, JDCs Chief Global Marketing Officer. ‘We wanted to provide the opportunity to tie donations to specific projects so that donors can not only see the impact of their gift and how it’s making a difference, but celebrate family and friends by honoring them with a gift of real meaning.’ The JDC Gift Market — — offers several gift tracks including food, health/medicine, daily survival, community/culture, education, and empowerment. For $18, you can help keep a Jewish family in Siberia warm through the winter, feed an elderly person in Israel, or provide a free mammogram for a woman in Hungary to help detect breast cancer. A $36 donation will assist in job training for youth at risk or Haredi Israelis, while a $100 gift will fund a free surgery or help fund a school in Ethiopia. Now celebrating its 100th year, JDC remains the essential Jewish international humanitarian organization, putting into action the precept that all Jews are responsible for one another and for all humankind. The organization’s ten decades of rescue, poverty alleviation, Jewish community development, leadership training and cultivation, social innovation, and disaster relief work has benefitted millions of people and transformed countless lives in Israel and more than 90 countries since its founding in 1914 at the outset of WW1.