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Caring for Ukraine’s Jews

A Proud History of Creating Opportunity-for All Israelis

Re-Energizing Global-Jewish Life

In Turkey Leveraging-Partners for a Robust Nonsectarian Response

Developing Leaders Through Travel

Giving Voice to JDC’s Story

Innovating Care for The Most Vulnerable

Building a Jewish Future Together

Extending Care to All Ukrainians

Answering the Call for Ukraine’s Jews

Providing Humanitarian Aid to Refugees

Evacuating the Most Vulnerable Jews

Reinventing a Century of History for a Modern World

When COVID-19 halted in-person events, JDC Archives reimagined itself for a virtual world. Through online events, JDC Archives reached more people than ever.

Meeting the Moment, Young Professionals Give Back

During pandemic isolation, JDC Entwine brought people together through its virtual Giving Circles, an opportunity to gather and pool charitable contributions.

Pioneering Volunteerism Across Three Generations

At JDC’s Volunteer Center in Kherson, Ukraine, dedicated volunteers run educational programs, fitness classes, and keep the the homebound elderly company.

Coming Together to Build Hungary’s Jewish Future

JDC’s Mozaik Hub in Budapest, Hungary, is a coworking space that offers professional development and networking opportunities for young Jewish professionals.

In Tunisia, Opening a World of Opportunities for Girls

For the past 14 years, the JDC-supported Kanfei Yonah school in Djerba, Tunisia, has given young girls and women access to education.

Mobilizing Jewish Values in India’s COVID-19 Catastrophe

When COVID-19 surged across India, JDC immediately mobilized its local partnerships and delivered crucial aid to the country’s most vulnerable residents.

Supporting Argentina’s At-Risk Jewish Communities

As president of the Jewish Community of Cordoba, Argentina, Sandra Werner once sought help from the very community she now leads.

Training Israel’s Workers to Meet Tomorrow’s Challenges

The pandemic has posed major challenges to vulnerable Israelis. But JDC continues to support them through programs like “Skill Up” and the Yated network.

For Isolated Elderly Jews, Bridging the Digital Divide

During pandemic, JDC is spearheading JOINTECH, a program that leverages smartphone technology to connect elderly, isolated Jews in the former Soviet Union.

A Future for Subsistence Farmers

From Unemployable to Employer

Building Strong Global Connections

Stepping Into JDC Presidency, Stan Rabin Writes New Chapter

Snapshot: JDC’s Work Around the World

Finding Love at Baltics Jewish Summer Camp

Giving Israeli Students an Extra Push This Fall

In Troubled Greece, a Focus on the Future

Honoring the Legacy of Ralph I. Goldman

After Charlie Hebdo, Building Resilience in France

In Mumbai, Investing in Young Leaders

For Romanian Jews, a Roving Chanukah Caravan

Expert Voices: Danny Pins in the Philippines

In Wartime, Caring for Elderly Israelis

For Hungary’s Jews, an “Open Door”

Celebrating One Year of the Warsaw JCC

In Casablanca, Focus on Jewish Education

In the Baltics, Energizing Young Leaders

Q&A: Building Germany’s Jewish Future

For FSU Families, A Smorgasbord

Q&A with Marilyn Kushner: Telling JDC’s Story

Ethiopian-Israeli Empowers Working Women

JDC Celebrates Centennial in Washington DC

Redesigning Polish Jewry

In Romania, a Grassroots Chanukah

Home for the Holidays

Warsaw JCC Debuts

Limmud Travels to India

Kristallnacht: 75 Years Later

Fighting for Women in Bosnia

One Schools Journey

Judafest in Bulgaria

Winning the Jewish Lottery

Changing Course: Teachers Impact At-Risk Haredi Teens

Supporting Cuba’s Jewish Athletes

Sukkot in Romania

A Jewish Renaissance in Central Asia

Summer Love at Szarvas

Mourning a True Jointnik

Jewish Life in St. Petersburg: A New Story

With New Possibilities, Israeli Arab Youth Thrive

Overcoming Disability to Parent with Pride

Entrepreneurship Empowers At-Risk Teens

A Kazak Boy Mirrors Jewish Revival

Elderly Woman Finds Community and Hope

At-Risk Youth Turned Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Doctor Brings Expertise and Gains Insights in Ethiopia

Learning Fest Reinvigorates Romanian Jews

A Healing Hug from Israel to Japan

Powering Up Israel’s Haredi Community

Basketball Fun Keeps Israeli Kids Off Streets

Jewish Renewal Goes Live

Walking and Dreaming Again in Haiti